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Grab Healthy, Fresh & Organic Steam Rice, Long Grain Organic Rice, Organic Steamed Rice, Masoor Malka Dal, Organic Arhar Dal, Toor Dal, Raw Rice, Arhar Dal, Masoor Dal, Sweet Corn, Malka Dal, Etc., From Us!

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About Us

We at Sharana Shree Pure Foods have aspirations of leading the markets globally with a variety of organic food items. Being a producer, trader and exporter, our motto is to increase the availability & supply of premium quality food products that are produced through natural processes. Our high-in-demand product range is encompassing Raw Rice, Masoor Malka Dal, Organic Arhar Dal, Steam Rice, Masoor Dal, Toor Dal, Malka Dal, Arhar Dal, Sweet Corn and many more items. For their perfect nutritional content, size, shape, weight and other quality features, these items have endless demands in the marketplace that we keep fulfilling without any hindrance in the process. 

Being a quality-oriented firm, we are quickly earning the acknowledgment and recognition among the customers worldwide. The 10 percent of our total supply goes to the foreign markets and, 90 percent is distributed to different cities & states of India. Our company abides by all national rules, policies and laws for cultivation, trading & export of food items. After thorough inspections and examinations, we ensure that only quality verified items are being delivered by us. 

The vision is to prove ourselves as the most reliable & customer-friendly firm in the Indian food sector. For this, we are working in an absolute customer centric manner and, taking care of the fulfillment of their every single requirement.

Our Objectives

For ultimate success & prosperity of our enterprise, we have set many objectives to accomplish with time; such as:

  • To build a wider & well-established network across the world
  • To continuously bring a superior quality range that matches international standards
  • To enhance our marketing & business management for better end-results
  • To ensure growth of our associates as well as employees

Warehousing & Packaging

We believe that the quality of food items including Malka Dal, Raw Rice, Sweet Corn, Masoor Dal, Toor Dal, Steam Rice, Arhar Dal and more is directly dependent upon the type of environment in which they are stored. Our quality maintenance personnel regularly inspect, sanitize and clean the warehousing area. They ensure that it also has perfect temperature conditions for the storage of food items for long-term basis. Along with this, we take care of appropriate packaging because it is vital to keep the items safe from contamination.